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TastyNow is a development platform focused on making food better in every way there is. Now you can make recipes like a professional with access to the same tools and techniques as the Chefs who design food on the largest scale. Can you to find that pinch of the right something that makes food come to life?

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Make Recipes

Make your own version of a favorite recipe or build a new recipe from scratch.

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Find Recipes

Discover custom recipes ready for the home kitchen, restaurant, or commercial kitchen.

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Share Recipes

Share your ideas and get feedback from other foodies.

Recreate a Recipe

Figure out how to make the best everything! Have you ever looked at a professional food product and wondered how it is made? Not a problem. Use these professional techniques to recreate the recipe you know and love.

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All-Inclusive Suite for Creating the Best Recipe

TastyNow is the ultimate recipe calculator. Our product covers every possible number you need to make your food fly.

Total Percentage

Show each ingredient as a relative percentage of the total weight.

Batch Recipe

Create a batch recipe and scale to any size. Use any unit to show the correct amount of each ingredient.

Nutrition Facts

Set a target for your nutrition facts to guide your recipe development.

Nutrition Calculator

Create a nutrition label for any recipe using the FDA database. Adjust ingredient amounts to target specific nutrient levels in a recipe.

Ingredient Nutrition

Compare individual ingredient nutrition facts, so you know exactly what's going into your recipe.


Find and exchange ingredients with similar nutrition and function to save costs and maintain quality.

Our Fans Say...

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As a professional chef, TastyNow has revolutionized my recipe creation process. Whether you're new to cooking, or a seasoned pro, you can make your own recipes quickly and easily using their platform.

John Doe

New York, NY

Person 2

I'm a self-taught home cook and I just started creating recipes for fun. TastyNow has made it so incredibly easy for me to make my food vegan, high-protein, or low-carb. My cooking has completely changed, for good!

Bob Smith

Chicago, IL

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